Meet the 4-H Agent

My name is Rebecca Hayes and I started May 19th as the 4-H Youth Development Agent.
I am from Georgetown, KY and I just graduated on May 8, from the University of Kentucky. My
Bachelor of Science is in Community and Leadership Development from the College of Agriculture,
Food and Environment. I had a minor in Communications and received two undergraduate certificates.
The certificates are in Leadership Studies and Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking.
I was a part of the Scott County 4-H program from when I was 7 years old until I started this job.
I have gone to summer camp since I was 9 and was the Kentucky 4-H State Secretary in 2016-2017. The
past three summers I was an intern in the Bourbon County Extension Office with their 4-H Agent.
I have wanted to be a 4-H Agent for years now and I am so excited to be here in Carter County! I am
ready to learn about the programs that are here and what ideas you all might have for some new
I am ready for the world to get back to a “normal” state where I can meet you all and get out into
the community.
If you have any questions or ideas for me, please feel free to send them to my email,, or call the office, (606) 474-6686, and ask to talk to me.
I look forward to meeting with everyone!  Rebecca Hayes